Review Results

Short Papers

The following papers have been accepted for an oral presentation during the upcoming conference. Authors will be informed about the reviewers comments in the coming days. The authors are asked to register for the conference as soon as possible.

The PITCHER Project: education & awareness about illicit trafficking of cultural heritage.
When a disaster suddenly strikes cultural heritage – a case study from Bulgaria
Blockchain-based revenue sharing system for empowering cultural heritage
How geomorphology offers solutions for interpreting cultural heritage
A Machine Learning Approach to Assist Architectural Research by Matching Images Directly with Text
3D Digitisation of Cultural Heritage: Methods and challenges in the silversmithing craft of Ioannina, Greece
An analysis of alternative learning modes and scenarios of use in Digital Humanities in the form of MOOCs
Art-making digital activities of the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki: A tool for providing art and archaeology education.
ARTEST: Enhancing education programmes in Arts and Humanities via European STEM methods and tools
Condition Assessment of a Masonry Bridge Using Accelerometers Sensors: A Preliminary Study
From symbol to place: A tourist review study of informal intangible cultural heritage in Guangzhou (China) and Krakow (Poland)
Beyond the Ionian Film Office metaverse: design and development of a tourism location guide for Ionian Islands in Greece
ECHOES: An Interdisciplinary Approach in Digital Reviving of Archaeo-anthropological Material
Explore Gaugin via XR Technologies: Go Again Experience
Reconstruction and restoration of the wooden case of a box mirror using a 3D scanner
Comprehensive processing of information on surface stone working on a set of buildings of the Prague UNESCO World Heritage Site – methods and outputs
Designing an Innovative e-learning Platform for the Art of the Cretan Hagiography
Digital Permanence of The Old City of Aleppo Through Analysis, Conservation and Digital Storytelling
Enthroned Late Minoan Goddess with Upraised Arms Goes Digital: A Case Study of Photogrammetric Documentation and Restitution
Assessment of tourist’s acceptance of a VR multisensory system
Processing of LiDAR and photogrammetric data and interpretative problems for the protection of archeology in the Mayan Biosphere of El Peten in Guatemala
Research Trends Analysis of using Artificial Intelligence in Cultural Heritage: An Overview of the Last Five Years
A content management system as a key factor to dynamically integrate Cultural Content on mobile Augmented Reality application